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Email marketing has become one of the most efficient marketing strategies in business. It is fast and cost-effective and delivers your message or product information to whoever you wish to target.


Run email marketing campaigns together with your Public Relations and Marketing campaigns and you will add value to your brand.


NI Business Info says,

“Promoting your products or services by email can be a powerful and flexible form of direct marketing. Through email, you can communicate your messages more quickly and cost-effectively than using paper-based marketing” [NI Business Info, 2014]


You can tailor your message to specific types of customers, build on your relationships with existing customers and also win new customers through a relevant and well-targeted email campaign.


There are Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations which define what you can and cannot do, in terms of sending unsolicited marketing emails. You will also need to comply with the Data Protection Act, which applies to personal data used in email marketing.  Email marketing is not about sending emails to a maximum number of recipients, rather it is about sending a compelling message to the most relevant people.

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