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Online PR

Online PR

Online Public Relations is creating goodwill and maintaining your public image by using social media and other internet channels to promote rather than advertise. Online Reputation Management is the tracking and managing of your reputation on the web.


NI Business Info says,

“PR – or public relations – means getting people to talk and think about your business in a positive way. It can be a vital weapon in your business’ armoury.

It is a way to get good publicity without advertising. In addition, if there is ever a problem facing your business it helps you deal with it effectively.

You can use PR to attract and impress people such as customers, suppliers, distributors, banks and other lenders, potential employees and possible business partners.

PR is not just for big companies using national newspapers or television. Even the smallest business can use publicity opportunities to catch the eye of its local audience and promote itself online to reach a wider customer base”



Through online PR, we help brands to

    • Monitor your status
    • Create and optimise site content
    • Engage with others

To see how you could use the concept of online PR to your brand and the websites contact us or request a call back.