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Having a mobile optimised website can attract an estimated 50% more visitors. According to market data, the UK is the world’s third-largest market for mobile ads, with ad investments totalling £999 million. By 2020, investments in mobile advertising are forecast to total £20 billion, as even more people use mobile phones to go online.

“Advertisers are focusing on mobile ad formats to connect with the expanding UK smartphone, tablet and mobile internet audiences. The market forecasts in the UK suggest that mobile ad investments will continue to grow over coming years. The surge of mobile ad spending will be the primary driver of growth in digital advertising,” [e-marketer, 2017]

In addition, the developments in mobile technology, such as the 4G network, have encouraged more and more people to spend a lot more time using mobile devices to access the internet. This has created a massive opportunity for you to reach your customers more frequently and consistently. Not only can you reach them through mobile advertising but you can also target them more precisely, knowing when & where to display your ads.


Developing and promoting a mobile app for your business can be costly whereas creating and optimising a mobile website is relatively cost-effective.

There are so many advantages, so why wait?  You can reach a massive and ever-expanding mobile audience with a mobile optimised website.

Benefit of Mobile Optimised Websites


  • Quick page download
  • Target Mobile Visitors
  • Enhance SEO
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Turn on and Off
  • Track  your conversions
  • Identify potential customers more precisely
  • Show your ads to potential customers at specific times
  • Can both search and display advertising
  • Improves your mobile users’ experience

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