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True View Video Ads

Online videos are an exciting way to reach customers. Video adverts allow you to show your products and services on networks such as YouTube. YouTube is one of Google’s largest and most powerful publishers of video content. According to Google’s statistics, more than one billion people visit YouTube and watch over six billion hours of their videos each month.  These visitors could be your potential customers and videos will allow you to reach them.


You can reach YouTube viewers by cost-per-click (CPC) bidding or by using a mix of formats, such as CPC and cost-per-thousand impression (CPM)


The following options are available for Video Adverts

  • In-stream video ads (True view video formats & True view display video ads )
  • You Tube True-View video Ads (AdWords for video)
  • Click-to-play ads (Ad gallery)

What are the Benefits of Video AdWords?

  • tell your story in a short, plain, simple yet attractive way
  • reach the right audience and get connected
  • monitor performance and measure success
  • target more precisely at lower cost
  • be more transparent and use real time reporting
  • drive relevant traffic to your website and blog


To reach out to your customers using True-View Video ad solutions for your business, get in touch or request a call back

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