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A well designed website is a large part of your total SEO strategy. The website’s theme, colours, font choices, page layout, graphics, page copy and call-to-action can be combined in many ways to boost traffic conversions.

Your website design should convey a look and feel that represents you and your brand and a good user experience.

Our web designers pay close attention to good design and high visibility on Search Engines. We ensure that your entire website content delivers a clear message to your target audience.


SEO-friendly content

The correct balance of text, images and white space for easy reading and visual appeal ensures a user-friendly site.

The positioning of graphics and buttons conveys the site’s message and branding

The strategy used, depends on the nature of your business. The list below provides you with an idea of how to choose the type of website you need.

We design,

  • Transactional and E-commerce Websites (Enable customers to purchase products online).
  • Service Oriented Relationship Building Websites (Provide information to encourage customers to purchase, as well as build relationships).
  • Brand Building Sites (Support Brand development and promotion).
  • Portal or Media Sites (Provide information or news about a range of topics).
  • Social Network and community Sites (Enable community interactions between various communities).


Although our designs may use different business and marketing models the basic principles remain the same.

  • Involving the customer
  • Serving the customer
  • Adding value to their experience
  • Finding the best customers
  • Nurturing them into lifelong customers
  • Testing, measuring and improving
  • Nurture them into lifelong customers
  • Getting close to your customers and listening to them



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